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Annual wellness exams provide important records of your health history and identify problems before they become serious health hazards. Residents of Las Vegas can trust our board certified internal medicine and family medicine specialists to perform these annual exams and help you maintain optimal health all year round. Call Priority Health Group to make an appointment with one of our providers or use the online booking tool.

Annual Wellness Visit Q & A

What is an annual wellness exam?

During an annual wellness visit, you get a physical exam and also have the opportunity to discuss any issues you may have regarding your health. Bring along a list of your current medications and supplements, recent medical procedures, and the names of any specialists you see. Be prepared to discuss any concerns you have and to ask questions specific to your health.

What tests should I expect at an annual wellness exam?

Priority Health Group reviews markers of your health, including weight, blood pressure, temperature, respiratory rate, and heart rate. We may order specific tests, such as blood sugar, urinalysis, complete blood count, and cholesterol for future reference. All of these can reveal issues with your heart or metabolic health.

Our providers may also check the health and function of your eyes, lungs, throat, and reflexes. The annual exam is also a good time to discuss taking charge of your health by improving your eating habits, increasing physical activity, as well as quitting smoking or cutting back on alcohol intake, if necessary.

What are the benefits of an annual wellness exam?

An annual wellness exam helps you keep tabs on your health and build a relationship with our providers, which is essential should you fall ill or develop a chronic disease as you age.  A yearly checkup has the potential to identify health problems that haven’t developed serious symptoms yet so that you can receive care and manage a problem before it worsens and interferes with your quality of life.

By reviewing your medical history, Priority Health Group can also evaluate your chances of developing certain diseases based on your family history and other risk factors. We can counsel you on lifestyle habits to change so you remain healthy for the long term.

Do I really need an annual exam if I am healthy?

While you may feel great on the outside, your insides may reveal otherwise. And, even if you’re symptom- and disease-free, an annual exam provides an important baseline for future comparison. As you age, your health markers change. You can only know how dramatic and potentially health-affecting these changes are when you can compare them to past tests that you’ve established with regular visits to a doctor.