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When you’re feeling sick or managing a chronic illness, driving all over the place to get your prescriptions filled and lab work completed can triple the amount of time you spend on getting well. Priority Health Group in Las Vegas, Nevada understands that your time is precious, so they offer an on-site lab and pharmacy to take care of all your medical needs in one place. If you’re looking for primary care physicians who care about your time, call or book online to schedule an appointment with Priority Health Group today.

On-Site Pharmacy & Lab Q & A

What is an on-site lab?

An on-site lab is a feature that’s growing more popular among health care providers who focus on integrated patient services. Priority Health Group is among the leading primary care practices to offer an on-site lab for patients who need laboratory testing.

With an on-site lab, you don’t need to go elsewhere for your lab tests or blood work. This convenient option saves time and money by allowing you to take care of your doctor appointment and lab tests at the same time and place.

An on-site lab provides the following services for Priority Health Group patients:

  • Clinical lab tests
  • Blood draws
  • Diagnostic lab tests

What is an on-site pharmacy?

The on-site pharmacy at Priority Health Group lets you pick up your medicines and refill prescriptions immediately after seeing your doctor. That eliminates the need to drive to a pharmacy after your appointment when you’re not feeling well.

Similar to on-site labs, on-site pharmacies are gaining popularity with both health care providers and their patients. Always on the forefront of top-quality patient services, Priority Health Group is among the most progressive primary care practices to provide their patients with the convenience of an on-site pharmacy.

What are the benefits of an on-site pharmacy and lab?

The on-site pharmacy and lab at Priority Health Group offer several advantages to everyone involved in your health care. Benefits of having an on-site pharmacy include:

  • Making lab work and pharmacy visits easier for patients without personal transportation
  • Increasing patient compliance with doctor’s orders for prescriptions and lab tests
  • Eliminating the extra step of traveling to a pharmacy or laboratory
  • Conveniently coordinating lab and pharmacy schedules with healthcare provider visits
  • Increasing access to lab and pharmacy information for patients

If you’re tired of driving all over town for medical errands and want primary care physicians who respect your time, you can schedule an appointment with Priority Health Group today by calling the office or booking online today.